Our favorite stories are when
we make a difference.

Every day we try to make a difference for every one of our clients, but sometimes we get to go further and really shine. We live for those times! We've compiled some of our favorite client stories so everyone can experience them. Note, we've intentionally obfusicated the stories for the client's privacy and security. Reach out to us if you'd like to hear more of their story.

Working Through a Pandemic
The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 was (and still is) unprecedented in the impact it had on businesses. It became a true test of if businesses were able to adapt and survive a rapidly changing world with many unknowns. One of our clients made it their best year. Read more here.

Virtual Storage, Virtual Files, and Virtual Servers
When our client's server failed, we were able to get them back online within just a couple of hours. For this company, however, even these short outages meant money down the drain. To remedy this, they came to us for a plan. Using High Availability and storage deduplication, we have given them 100% uptime and reduced their storage footprint by 46%. Read more here.

Phone Systems Don't Need To Be Complicated
Our experience with phone systems is that they're overly complicated and poorly documented so you're forced to work with (and pay) a vendor for the life of the system.  On top of that headache you're locked into their expensive handsets.  We worked with a client to move them off their migraine-inducing Iwatsu system to 3CX.  Their administration time dropped by eighty percent, they weren't locked into a single brand of handsets, it worked everywhere, and just worked. Read more here.

Working On A Cloud
There are so many "cloud" systems available that it becomes a whirlwind of confusion when looking for one to meet your needs.  In this instance the client needed a system for their staff to work from anywhere and from anything.  We worked with them to build the infrastructure, train their staff, and deploy CentreStack by Gladinet.  This enabled their staff to work from anywhere using laptops, desktops, Apple iPads and iPhones, and Android phones and tablets.  We built it from the beginning to be scalable, collaborative, and have a low upfront cost.

Of Fire and Water
This is one of our favorite stories so please forgive us for Hollywooding it up a bit.  Helping this client made us feel like heros in a disaster film with huge fires, flooding, and a happy ending.  That's something we rarely get to experience working in the IT field.  We were able to save their servers from a significant flood and have them online a couple days after the flood waters receded.  Read more here.

Long Distance Friends
When you're not working from the headquarters it's easy to feel like you're out on the frontier and on your own.  You get left behind on technology upgrades.  It's hard to stay in contact with the sales and management teams back at HQ.  Are you really part of a team?  We worked with a client to connect a new regional office and connect their existing offices so their teams were able to communicate and collaborate like they're in the same building.  Now their district managers are long-distance friends and working together even though they're on other ends of the country.

Zombie Bills and Saving Money
As part of our engagement we partner with clients to get them the best services for reasonable prices and continue to drive those prices down.  We approach this with bill audits, constantly evaluating vendors/suppliers, right-sizing licenses, negotiationing with vendors through our buying power, providing tested and quality hardware, and an entire toolbox of other methods.  In this case we worked with the client to audit their technology bills and found zombie bills costing them thousands of dollars a month.  In a time of COVID-19, when money was tight, we were thrilled to help. Read more here.

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