We are partners. We are friends.

Our team will spend time with your company, learn what drives your culture, and work towards solutions that fit your needs. We fix problems - period. This is why we hire engineers instead of sales people. We work to become your friend and partner.

John Miller


John specializes in infrastructure design and server deployment, but is considered a generalist and tinkers with everything. John believes that communication prevents or solves most of the problems in life and technology helps that happen. His hobbies include airsoft, reading, and remodeling houses.

ConnectWise MCP, 3CX ACE, Datacore CIE, VMware VCA-DCV, Nimble SC, MondoPad Certified, CompTIA A+

Philip Dixon

Managed Services Manager

Philip has turned a life-long passion for technology into a continuously growing IT career. He joined Internetek with the goals of growth and expansion both personally and for Internetek's Managed Services group. His hobbies include video games, PC building, home audio, karaoke, and cooking.

Leslie Neidig

Projects and Development Manager

Leslie Neidig is a computer programmer and project manager. In 2005 she earned her Bachelors of Science from University of Louisville’s Computer Information Systems program. Leslie believes software should make people’s life easier and enjoys finding solutions to that end.

Todd Nicholas

Managed Services

Todd has found that, with the use of technology, anyone can learn and improve how they communicate with the world. He started as a self trained IT hobbyist and joined Internetek to grow his skillset. Todd is looking forward to advancing his knowledge in the field of technology. His hobbies include traveling, video games, movies, and 3D printing.

Patrick Kelly

Technology Trainer

Patrick is an experienced business professional with over a decade of experience coaching and training over a multitude of industries. He is dedicated to being a lifelong learner, and loves learning new skills and processes that he can use to help others. When he is not busy refining those skills, he is interested in sports, catching up on the news, attending live shows, or watching a good movie.

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