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The Service Level Agreement (commonly called the SLA) is our promise and responsibility to you that is outlined in the Master Service Agreement.  You may notice that we make a guarantee on response and not resolution.  Response is when our team contacts you that we've started working on the issue and resolution is when we have completed work on the issue.  We do not guarantee resolution time as there are too many factors out of our control and we won't make promises we're not sure we can keep.

P1 - Critical Your server is offline and all staff are unable to work. 20 Minutes
Your network has failed and has affected a large portion of your staff.
The VPN or Internet is offline and staff are unable to work.
P2 - High Your Internet is offline, but users can still work. 1 Hour
The computer for a critical staff member isn’t working.
Your main accounting software has stopped working.
P3 - Normal Staff member computer isn’t working but they’re able to work on other things. 2 Hours
The printer isn’t working but there is another one available. 
Staff member cannot access the network but it’s working for other staff.
P4 - Low General information requests. 4 Hours
A staff member is unable to scan from the MFC.
Staff member needs a program installed.
P5 - No Priority Proactive maintenance of systems. These are usually handled without your knowledge unless a maintenance window or downtime is required. Doesn't Apply

We strive for what we call the "20/2 Rule".  Our goal is to respond to all issues within twenty minutes and have non-complex issues resolved under two hours.  Non-complex issues mean issues that don't require ordering hardware.  Every day we work towards bettering our service and exceeding this goal. Check out our daily updated SLA metrics below.

These metrics reflect only e-mail and portal support.  Phone support calls are typically answered within twenty seconds and nearly all issues are resolved on the first call.

On March 18th, we changed platforms. New data will populate as time progresses.

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