The Internetek Training Program

Is Technology Training right for me?

How nice would it be if technology made sense? Instead one of your staff is giving their screen a confused look and someone else has come over to help so now you've got two people not working. Through Internetek's Technology Training Program we educate your staff and they will have the knowledge and confidence to work without confusing technology interruptions.

Our Technology Training program is best suited for large groups in a classroom setting that don't require intense interaction. Think college class rather than tutor. If you prefer a more hands-on approach, we're more than happy to help with our Technology Coaching program.

What makes Internetek's Technology Training different?

To start, we actually have a formal training program. Most Managed Services companies will only work on broken computers and limit themselves to that. We believe that many issues would never exist if proper training were provided on how to use the tools. Additionally, our Technology Training program has been refined over a decade of sessions to offer knowledge without being boring. Anyone who has taught a safety class will know one of the biggest hurdles of any training is audience attention. Especially if they're required to be there and they have distractions like mobile devices available.


We work with your company to learn your business processes before any training.  We have found that people are more prone to pay attention when information is useful to them.


Our sessions aren't one-way.  We ask questions, provide materials, and demonstration opportunities.  Information is retained better when it's reinforced with listening, seeing, and doing.

Best Practices

Just because it's always been done that way doesn't mean it's the best way.  We work with you, your team, and the vendor to find the way processes should be done.  Then we train that process and retrain out of bad habits.

What & Where

Where does Internetek train?

We offer many options so we can meet the needs of a modern workforce. The most common session is simultaneous in-person at our classroom and Zoom for people that cannot attend, working from home, or out of town. We record these sessions as well (unless you request us not to) and upload them to your support portal so they can be viewed by your staff at their convenience. The recordings help when you hire a new person and need to get them up to speed quick or someone just needs a quick refresher.

  • Internetek classroom - Our office sports a classroom seating fifteen people with attached kitchen for catering and bathrooms.
  • Zoom / GoToMeeting - Zoom and GoToMeeting have become popular for the Work From Home requirements or when workforces are spread geographically.
  • Pre-recorded - For common requests we provide professionally edited videos that are available to all clients through our support portal.
  • On-Site - We are happy to come on-site and work with your staff.  We'll even bring doughnuts.

What can Internetek train my team about?

We offer education on nearly anything technological as long as it isn't a very niche technology that we've never seen. If there is demand for it, we are willing to use our resources to learn and train. Some of the training classes we provided this year:

  • 3CX VOIP phone system
  • Office 365 (Outlook, Word, Excel, OneDrive, Teams, etc)
  • Gladinet Centrestack
  • Odoo and Sage CRM
  • SpamTitan usage
  • iPad, iPhone, and Android usage in the field
  • E-mail scams, technology security, networking basics

How much will this cost me?

Training is free for all supported products to any company with a Managed Services contract with us. Check your Managed Services Agreement for the list of supported products. We provide this because we firmly believe that it benefits everyone to have a knowledgeable staff. If you don't have a contract with us, contact us and we will work with you on an education plan.

COVID-19 Precautions:

We understand that in-person training is often preferred and we will do our best to comply with this. For the safety of our staff and yours we have several requirements that must be met for us to come on-site for live training. We work with multiple companies per day and we take the spread of COVID-19 very seriously. If you would like us to come on-site for training please contact us and we will work with you on necessary precautions.

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