The Internetek Coaching Program

Is technology coaching right for me?

How nice would it be if technology made sense? Instead, one of your staff is giving their screen a confused look and trying to figure out why the software is refusing to post the entry. Internetek's Technology Coaching Program creates experts giving you someone on staff that knows exactly how to fix that error, how it happened, and what to do to prevent it next time.

This level of training requires one-on-one or small groups attending multiple intense sessions.  This option is often employed when someone needs a staff administrator to handle sensitive or technical configurations.  If you prefer the classroom approach instead, check out the Technology Training Program.

What does Technology Coaching look like?

We tailor our sessions to the needs of the client and the staff participating in the class, so the specifics vary. Through years of instruction and consulting with education professionals we have created a framework that works.

1 Planning

We start by working with your company to identify the needs and goals. This covers in-depth research of your business processes, the systems involved, the staff attending, establishing metrics for success, and timelines. Internally our instructional staff will conduct simulation sessions to make certain we are covering what you want taught and that we have a firm understanding of your goals.

2 Pre-Assessment

We know where you want your staff's knowledge to be, so we need to find where they are now.  We work with your staff during their workday and through simulations to find knowledge gaps, issues, and process confusion.

3 Coaching

After gathering all the information we need and tuning the education plan we work on immersive and extensive education.  The most popular approach is to work with your staff for an hour a day, two to three days per week.  This balances work interruptions, attention spans, and knowledge overload.  We work on-site with your staff with your actual systems or simulations, through Zoom/GoToMeeting, and travelling with your staff in the field to cover all scenarios.  Repetition of the skills and instruction continues until we've met the agreed metrics.

4 Assessment

As we work with your staff through instruction, we periodically assess their progress to fine-tune our approach, progress towards the metrics for success, and where more attention is needed.  After we've met the parameters defined in the planning phase, we conclude the concentrated Technology Coaching and celebrate with a small graduation.

5 Refresher

Two to four weeks later we will visit with the staff that were involved and make sure that the skills and knowledge we trained have been retained.  We answer follow-up questions and refresh anything that has become unclear.

Where do I start?

Every Technology Coaching engagement has unique needs and goals.  Please contact us and we'll work with you to create a framework for the program and provide a quote.

COVID-19 Precautions

We understand that in-person training is often preferred and we will do our best to comply with this.  For the safety of our staff and yours we have several requirements that must be met for us to come on-site for live training.  We work with multiple companies per day and we take the spread of COVID-19 very seriously.  If you would like us to come on-site for training please contact us and we will work with you on necessary precautions.

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