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Layered security is not putting your trust into one defense and hoping the bad guys don't get around it. Our overlapping systems detect suspicious activity or misconfigurations so the bad guys are contained, mitigated, and removed.

Ransomware Canaries

Ransomware is always evolving to get through antivirus and security measures. Our service includes digital tripwires to detect activity so we can quickly quarantine systems and prevent further spread.

Security Operations Center

We provide 24/7/365 security monitoring for your network, firewalls, Office 365, and servers. Something shouldn't be on your network? We already know about it and are handling it.

Network Mapping and Monitoring

We map your entire network to find misconfigurations, alerts, and security issues. We monitor your infrastructure for potential failures so you have minutes of downtime instead of days of no production.


The bad guys shouldn't get into your network, but if they do they'll trip the honeypot and we'll know they're up to no good. We'll respond and lock them out before they're able to do damage.

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