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We constantly invest in continuing education and quality tools for our team so we can provide the best services faster than everyone else and at a competitive price.

If you're looking at our website you're probably looking for help with your technology. Something is broken or you're looking to expand. We've got you covered either way, but lets talk about support. Support is, surprisingly, something that many IT groups overlook. Everyone has software and everyone can deploy anti-virus. Our software is there to prevent issues, not prevent you from calling us. What happens when your laptop is dead?

Now you're in a situation where your good day is becoming a bad day and you need to reach someone for help. We pride ourselves on our support. When you call, your call is answered in minutes by one our highly trained staff. You're not getting a voicemail box that may get an answer in a few hours. We answer our calls with a real life person in our Louisville office.

We've talked to so many companies that said their IT support company gets back to them in days. They didn't even fix it when they called back, they were just reporting that they got the call! We were agahst when we heard this. How much happens in your company in days? How many opportunities could you be missing and how much production time is lost?

Our roots are in corporate IT. We understand how important is it that you and your staff are able to use their technology. We won't leave you sweating and wondering when or if you'll hear from us. If you call us, you're on with our support staff. If you e-mail us, you'll hear from us within twenty minutes. How's that for fast support?

What makes us better than the rest?

The 20/2 Rule

The 20/2 Rule is our goal for every call, report, e-mail, or smoke signal. When someone needs our help we strive to respond under twenty minutes and resolve their issues under two hours. How are we doing? See for yourself.

Our People

Our people are our most valuable resource. Not our software, infrastructure, service van, inventory, or anything else. We invest in our staff and encourage them to grow. We even pay for training and certifications. Meet our staff.

Locally Owned

We're based in East Louisville (Middletown specifically). Our owner and entire staff are local. This is our community and we want to be a part of it being amazing and growing. Read a little about us.

We Answer

The most important part for every IT support company that so many don't do. When you call, we answer. A trained support person answers the call and starts diagnostics immediately. Not in a few hours or days.

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